Courtesan Studio creates glamorous, Swarovski Element encrusted jewelry & accessories. Our designs come from the beautiful minds of founding partners Maja Hanson and Denise Teti: two girls who share a birthday and a love for making every day sparkle.

We'll show you how perfect accessories inspire energy empowering you to walk into any room and be THAT girl. 

The glamour girl whose joy in living is reflected back at the world. 

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"Courtesan Studio is the manifestation of many of my passions: glitzy, glam-y, gorgeous Swarovski crystal, meticulous workmanship and a cheeky point of view.  My previous eponymous young designer/contemporary fashion collections featured show-stopping beaded designs, which sparked a devoted followings by celebrity stylists and top international editors and retailers.  I'm endlessly flattered by the sensation created by the world-wide acclaim for the collection I founded in 1996.

That experience combined with the influence of my late father, sculptor Duane Hanson, and the pop art world he exposed me to distill into the design perspectives at Courtesan Studio.  My relentless obsession with hand sewing is satiated by infinite sparkling permutations in the studio.  I oversee our production and distribution, and I'm positively delighted when the magic of our creations is discovered by you." 

- Maja Hanson

"I channel my brain for business and verve for luxurious things into every facet of Courtesan Studio.  My professional background includes strategic roles across a myriad of high net-worth consumption sectors such as fine and designer jewelry, decorative art, designer apparel, and investments.  My mother tells me I was born wearing bracelets and my father gave me a prism as a child.  I guess all that created this glamour bomb, endlessly distracted by sparkling objects.

Tapping into my design moxie and over a decade of experience as a luxury style, marketing and brand consultant, I drive Courtesan Studio's big picture brand initiatives and day to day marketing & sales strategies.   It's a mind blowing privilege to create positive social impact through our work as designers, and inspire girls like me to follow her dreams, live vivaciously, and be brilliant - inside and out."

- Denise Teti

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